How to Keep Persisting Florida Bats Out of Your Barn

Florida barns tend to have large spaces and right conditions for bats to live in. One of the main reasons why you wouldn' t want bats in your barn is health concern. Since bats are a proven disease harboring menace, you wouldn' t want to expose your barn' s occupants to preventable medical issues by carelessly entertaining them.

Bats are a protected species so you can' t just kill them as a control measure. So how do you keep them out?

Chemical repellents

There are a good number of Gainesville chemical products such as moth balls that are capable of repelling bats. Others include:

  • Chemical sprays
  • Naphthalene balls
  • The chemicals can be applied to entry locations, roosting points and affected areas. The chemicals contain elements that make the bats uncomfortable and irritated. The bats will eventually have to look for alternative, conducive roosting areas away from the barn.

    Ultra-sound emitters

    Bats are very sensitive to sound. It is said that sound is their most used sense to perform biological functions. To create an unconducive environment for their stay, you may install ultrasound emitters in their roost. The battery-operated gadgets will be sure to make the bats uncomfortable and they won' t come back as long as emitters operates

    Provide alternative roosting

    Building raised structures with horizontal bars outside the Florida barn may help to keep the bats from the barn. Providing an alternative roosting location will save you the headache of dealing with frequent bat relocations in the barn.

    Installing spike strips

    If you have a small Gainesville barn, a viable solution would be installation of sharp spikes all over the roosting points. Since bats attach their feet on any strong bar in order to roost, you can cover these bars with sharp spikes to deprive them of a roosting point.

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