So You've Caught a Rat, Now What?

It could sometimes become an issue when you catch a Florida rat but you don' t know what to do with it. Your options would include:

  • Killing the rat
  • Handing it over to an animal handling agency
  • Releasing it to the wild
  • Training the Gainesville rat to become your pet

  • Kill the Rat

    This might be the best option as it at least eliminates the chances of that particular rat or its descendants coming back to harm you. This might, however, be illegal in some cities. Even where it is legal, you might not be the type that is comfortable with killing an animal for various reasons. When killing the rat is not a concern, it might be your best option.

    Hand it Over to an Animal Handling Agency

    Another great option is handling to Florida animal handling agency. They will come around to collect the rat from the traps or the bucket you have stored it. They would consequently dispose of the rat in line with the laws of the land. Where it is legal to kill rats, they might lethally inject it or incinerate it.

    Releasing it to the Wild

    Releasing it to the wild is another option. However, once the wild is close to your house, you can be sure they or their kids might someday find their way back to your home

    Train the Rat to Become Your Pet

    If you love Gainesville animals generally or rat, in particular, you might opt to train the rat to become your pet. This would require some time, and in some cases, you might need the help of special training center.

    Disinfect the Area

    It is important to disinfect the area where the rat was caught to avoid the spread of diseases.

    What Not to Do

    Do not use your bare hands to touch the rat and avoid contact with its saliva, urine, feces and even the air around the rat. This could put you at risk of getting infected.

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