How to Keep Gainesville Rats Out and Far Away from Your Garbage Forever

The garbage is one of the places that Florida rats love to visit regularly. In the garbage, they are able to have easier access to food compared to when they are inside a house. This is considering the fact that most houses, either because of the rat or for other hygiene reasons, always seal off their food in airtight containers. But with the garbage, there is always easier access to food. Here are some easy and simple methods to keep rats out of your garbage.

Do not Keep Trash Cans in the Open

Keeping Gainesville trash cans outside will make it easier for rats to access it. The implication is that they don' t have to access your house first before they can get into the trash can. Thus, even if your home is rat proof, you would have them in your surroundings. A little mistake and they would find their way into your house.

Use Trash Can with Sealed Lid

When you use trash cans with sealed lid, you can always lock the trash can. Thus, the Florida rats will not be able to get into the trash can. With this, they would be forced to take their search for food and shelter somewhere else.

Do Not Put Gainesville Food in Trash Can

The major thing that will attract rats to your trash can is food. They can always smell food and will go in the smell's direction. As much as possible, do not leave food in your trashcan and it would reduce how attracted rat will be to your trash can.

Eliminate Other Sources or Odor of Food

Ensure that there are no other sources of food close to the Florida trash can or even just the smell. As mentioned earlier, the smell is going to draw them to the trash can.

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